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Horse Lattitudes                          Independent feature                 Noah Gilbert, Director
A Rainy Day                                Universal                                 Leo Garcia, Director
The Day I Knew I Loved You         Chrysler                                  Abe Sylvia, Director
Snips & Snails                             Gary Anthony Williams              Hilari Scarl,Director
Halfway Home                             Dyslexic Dog                            Arge O'Neil,Director
The Midwife's Tale                        Independent                            Megan Siler,Director
A Day in Toddler Town                  KidWorks                                 Jonathan Scott Hanish, Director
Young Hearts,Broken Dreams        G.Gordon                                Gerald Gordon,Director
Hollywood NOS                            UCLA                                      
 Roberto Donati, Director
Finding Kraftland                          Richard Kraft                           Richard Kraft, Adam Shell, Directors
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The  Solid  Gold  Cadillac

Jason's greatest fear comes true when he finds himself the
only boy at a pretty, pink, princess party

The wedding from hell turns into a romantic night after a
ride in a special Chrysler.
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Wow! This is video
A political scandal makes the news in 1950's America